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March 1013

A bit of an update for all the Sekura Bros. Race team fans. This year is proving to be a very busy one with the acquisition of another Auction business for Corey and Lorena. Add in their farming and other related companies and they barely have time to breath. Ron is busy with his businesses as well and the team will take a bit of a hiatus this season. If there is any free time they do plan on attending a race or two. For more infornmation on Sekura's auction click on this link.



September 5,2012

Drayton was unfortunately rained out. Darn it! Ron headed off to Castrol with a few of the other teams and made a couple laps on the Monday

August 14, 2012

Provost (at the airport) was this past weeekend and it was a great time as well.


August 10, 2012

'Hot August Nights' was a great time as the teams made a couple laps each. The event was orginally scheduled for Wednesday but rains hit the track just before the evenings festivities. They had a great day on Thursday and the race went off without a hitch. Here is a gallery from the weekend.



July 28. 2012

Canadian National Open

Ron went too fast in round one in his match-up against Shane Reykdal.

Final qualifying

Norm Kolwich 6.935/192
Ron Sekura 6.947/191
Arvid Fonstad 7.043/192
Joey Steckler 7.049/194
Cal Tebb 7.089/199.20
Cory Kincaid 7.109/184.99
Shane Reykdal 7.384/176.78
Troy Sitko 6.894/193.13


Cory Sekura, David Brant



One more photo of Corey's launch

Shelby Fedyk photo

Well the Sekura's did not go home with a Wally but we made the highlight reels.

Corey launched on his first lap Saturday evening and the nose kept going up, up, up......


.......The wheeliebar failed either by a sheared bolt or something like that. The car did not want to come down. As you can see...

The butterflies are almost closed in the first shot at the top, just 20 feet off the starting line.....


....It came down pretty hard on the left front tire and broke the front frame rail ending his weekend.

More action including the wild Friday night water party pics on Tuesday.


July 14, 2012

Before you look at the Rocky results check out this video from the final round at the Eagle Motorplex the week before.



Edmonton Rocky Nationals

photos courtesy SpeedZone Magazine and Andrew Lockton

What a weekend. It was scorching hot and a blast. Neither Sekura car made the finals but we had a great time. Corey got to race and did well. The only bummer is wee weren't allowed to do 1000 foot burnouts as they were scared we would tear up the pavement.

Here is final qualifying

1 657 PNOSA David Brant, Fort McMurray AB, '77 Firebi 6.993 0.003 200.08
2 659 PNOSA Cal Tebb, Edmonton AB, '69 GTO 6.997 0.007 197.91
3 6665 PNOSA Norm Kolwich, Edmonton AB, '53 Corvette 7.025 0.035 198.55
4 6000 PNOSA Arvid Fonstad, Entwistle AB, '71 Mustang 7.040 0.050 187.39
5 6569 PNOSA Ron Sekura, Drayton Valley AB, '66 Nova 7.047 0.057 195.48

6 6183 PNOSA Troy Sitko, Edmonton AB, '37 Chevy 7.052 0.062 193.35
7 658 PNOSA Joey Steckler, Edmonton AB, '69 Corvette 7.078 0.088 195.87
8 6169 PNOSA Corey Sekura, Drayton Valley AB, '69 Camaro 7.089 0.099 187.57

9 6837 PNOSA Brent Harris, Stony Plain AB, '33 Willys 7.094 0.104 191.81
10 55 PNOSA Cory Kincaid, Red Deer AB, '55 Bel Air 7.096 0.106 193.16
11 6009 PNOSA Sherrie Bodnarchuk, Grandora SK, '70 Supe 7.109 0.119 194.60
12 6661 PNOSA Scott Bourdin, Edmonton AB, '82 Corvette 7.116 0.126 194.66
13 661 PNOSA Shane Reykdal, Edmonton AB, '79 Omni 7.200 0.210 184.19
14 6660 PNOSA Darrel Webb, Edmonton AB, '70 Nova 7.291 0.301 192.52
15 6138 PNOSA Cody Anstead, Speuce Grove AB, '69 Camaro 7.406 0.416 181.06
16 6231 PNOSA Roddy McMillan, N. Battleford SK, '94 Cam 7.426 0.436 195.7


Corey lost a real close one to Brent Harris He got a .02 holeshot but Brent was .03 closer to the index of 6.9 so he got a two foot win. Ron got a bye run in round one when his opponent Scott Bourdin could not make the call. In Round two Shane Reykdal (the eventual race winner) defeated Ron 7.11 to 7.16.

Next up is Mission next weekend. Can't wait!

Did i mention it was HOTTT!!!!!! (and not just the girlz)

July 4, 2012

Eagle Motorplex 25th Anniversary event

Video from the 'Plex


A fun weekend at the Eagle Motorplex for their 25th anniversary event. We had nine of our group competing in a Chicago style shoot-out and Ron was busy doing double duty as Corey could not get away from the Auction business. He made the final of the shoot-out as the 1st alternate driving the Chevy II (third best in qualifying with a 7.10) when Cory Kincaid broke in the second round. In the final Ron got the holeshot and held the lead until 1200 feet. He thought he had the race won and did not want to go under the 6.99 dial so he did his usual and pulled the chutes under power, it was really close but Shane just got around Ron for a 4/100ths of a second win. On Sunday, we made an exhibition run and Ron went 6.89 in the Camaro and 7.30 in the Chevy II.

Both cars are right around the 6.99 number we will be using at the Rocky's this coming weekend. With similar elevations between the two tracks we are good to go. Edmonton's big event will be a 16 car field.

June 21, 2012

Check out this vid from Medicine Hat. Ron ran awesome going 7.0 and 6.97 on a tricky track. It was as usual an awesome time and the crowd was huge. The biggest we have seem at the 'Hat.


June 1, 2012

The second race weekend at Castrol raceway saw many Rocky Mountian teams show up for their first laps. Then on Monday the Sekur'a rented the track and got in some more laps. Both cars ran in the low 7's and high 6's and it looks like they have their rides dialed in for the first race of the year at Castrol next weekend.

Here is Ron's recap:

Our track testing May 27 and rental Mondsy the 28th was a Blast !!
We were fortunate to be at the track early on Sunday, and the Castrol staff let us do a
pass to start the festivities! THE Barbecue Sunday evening was a lot of fun, with a hundred of our friends, sponsors and family in attendance. Nelson Bros, Stetson Chevroley, Big West Dodge and, HVO Hydrovac.
Morris, Tom, Don and our Crew did another amazing job tuning and prepping 4 passes in each car !!
Most passes were very close to our 6.99 target !
See everyone at Kal's Steak House in Drayton June 7. Bring your Hot Rods !!

April 15, 2012

The Annual Khal's SteakHouse Kick-Off party for the Sekura team is June 7th

Their opener Fun Day / Track Rental at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton is May 28th.

The 2012 Rocky Mountain Funny Car Schedule

June 9-10CMDRA (Points Race)Castrol Raceway Edmonton (W/MT Tires)
June 15-17 Medicine Hat (Non Points)Medicine Hat, Alberta
June 30-July 1Eagle Motorplex (Points Race)Ashcroft BC
July 6 - 8Rocky Mountain Nationals (Non Points)Edmonton, Alberta
July 20 - 22Lucas Oil Canadian National Open (Points race)Mission, BC (Ace Mission Cup)
August 8Hot August Nights (non points) Edmonton, Alberta
August 11 - 12 Provost Gear Jammers event (Non Points)Provost Alberta
September 1 - 2Drayton Valley (Non Points)Drayton Valley, Alberta (W/MT tires)
September 1 - 2Castrol Raceway Super Chevy Show (non points)Edmonton, Alberta
September 8 - 9Castrol Raceway CMDRA (Final points)Edmonton, Alberta (W/MT Tires
Ocotber 19 - 21California Hot Rod Reunion (Non Points)Bakersfield, California



March 26, 2012

IHRA NitroJam (Tucson)

Being from Alberta, and the winter is soo long, Ron and the Sekura floppers made an extended sttay down South. After the March Meet, the team headed to IHRA territory and the Tucson Nitro Jam.. While there was no real class there to run in , Ron and Tim Boychuk (he took the controls of the Camaro) ran against doorcars and dragsters. RUnning low 7's in the 5000 feet of air, the team had a blast despite going out early in eliminations.

April 21-22 the team will be in Phoenix for the Monster Jam event at Firebird.

Bob Snyder and Bob Wilson photos

The Sekura team will be having their annual fun day at Castrol Raceway May 20th. And also TA is the Sekura Team Fun Auction in Drayton Valley.

March 5, 2012

A few more shots of the new look Chevy II. The Camaro broke on Thursday and Ron made laps throughout the weekend (testing) after just failing to qualify running a 6.97 on the 7.0 index. On Sunday Ron ripped off a 7.05 which would have been in the top half of the field.

March 3, 2012

The March Meet

Here is the new look for the Chevy II. So far the cars are just outside the 7.0 field as both cars are too quick. They ran 6.95 and 6.97


February 24, 2012

The Sekura's are heading South again this year and will run the MM as well as Phoenix a couple weeks later. They are tired of the Edmonton Winter. They can't wait! Ron also let me know they have a new paint job for the Nova.


December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays to all the drag racing fans out there.

December 9, 2011


We're doing a bunch of updates over the next few days to the site. Keep checking back.

Sekura Racing would to welcome Donison Dental is a new team sponsor.


November 8, 2011

Here is a wrap-up from Bakersfield and the Super Chevy Show at Phoenix from Ron.


Wow another fabulous year has blown by. We finished off in Phoenix at the Super Chevy Show!!
The crowds were light but alot of Fun. The Track and Staff , again , were Awesome !!
The Cars ran GREAT !! Lots of 6.90 runs. Cal ran with us and we had a great time !

Bakersfield was Great! We all had so much Fun. Both Cars were in the Zone. The Girls surprised everyone with there new team outfits and they were a smash Hit !! The Rod Reunion is Awesome !
It`s a huge Race , packed with race Cars, packed with fans, packed with Action !
We watched a Nitro Crew make Margiritas in a Blender run by a BLOWN HEMI... Really !!
I highly recommend this Race to everyone. Also a Big Thank You to the owners of the track John, Blake and Debra, YOU and your STAFF ROCK!!

A BIG THANK YOU to our crew who all work very hard and make it so Fun!
and to all our Friends, Family, Sponsors and Fans , Thank You SO MUCH!!
Can`t wait till Next Year! Watch for the Surprises . . .

October 23, 2011

A real fun weekend was had by the Sekura team at Bakersfield and the Hot Rod Reunion. Ron drove both cars and was qualified after Friday's run with a 7.07 in the Chevy II. But Saturday the field got even tighter and Ron fell just short ending up in the #18 spot. He did get in as an alternate for Sunday but lost in round one. Still a great time and the back up girls had lots of support with their new track wear.

September 28, 2011

September 28, 2011

A few more photos from Drayton, Edmonton and the Rocky Mountains (Andrew Lockton photos)

Eddy and Ron sharing the Rocky Ironman, they never did run the final round.

A few more shots from Drayton Valley (courtesy Andrew Lockton photos)

September 16, 2011

Drayton Valley event featuring Corey's big win gets local press from the Drayton Valley Western Review newspaper.

" Local drivers come out on top"
By Lesley Allan (courtesy Western Review)

With hundreds of cars coming out for Thunder in the Valley, competition was tough. With drivers from across the province, country and even from the United States, the local region was well represented with four drivers placing within the top three of their categories, including Tony Ostredkar from Evansburg who won first place in the Super/Street category and Corey Sekura who came out on top for the Funny Car division.

"There's a reason we're winning and I like to think it's because of my driving," jokes Sekura. "But it has a lot to do with how [my brother Ron] looks after the cars and maintains them and tunes them,"

The two brothers are part of the racing group called Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Car Association, and had the opportunity to drive against each other during the final qualifying run that put him into the finals.

Having been involved with the Thunder in the Valley Drag Races since they started seven years ago, Sekura believes that the event is a great opportunity for people in the area to see the races. He has a great sense of respect for those who are involved with the weekend, and as someone who races throughout the year both in Canada and the United States, he believes that Thunder in the Valley, is one of the best he's ever been involved with.

"It's an amazing time out there and I think if we go to 15 races a year this race is number one because it's local," says Sekura. "But even if I wasn't from Drayton this would be in the top two or three races in all of Canada that we go to. It's that big of an event and it's that amazing and I really have to pat everybody involved on the back for making it happen."

With his winning race taking him down the quarter mile in 7.55 seconds, Sekura is humbled by the fact that he has won two years in a row. He always looks forward to the races every year and for him it's about more then just the cars, but also about a sense of community you feel amongst the other drivers and the spectators.

"You could almost remove the race cars, I'm being a little facetious of course, but it's everything around the races [that makes it so good]" says Sekura. "It is amazing to run a funny car, it's exciting to go that fast and feel that much power, but what I really enjoy about the event is all the people, the fun and camaraderie that comes along with it." The final two racers in the region who placed in the top three are Kevin Williams who came second in the street category and Fred Klotz who finished third in the Super Pro.

Season ending Party at the Marriot River Cree.


September 13, 2011

A short note from Ron on the final points race of the year at Castrol last weekend.

Another Fabulous weekend of racing at Castrol the bike drags! Both our cars were running great. I was piloting both as Corey is very busy with Auctions. We tried to finish our Ironman race from the Rocky's. But again the weather stopped that. So Eddy Plaizier the Ace team and us are co-champions! We love competing with them. They are a top class team. Yea Haa! Another IRONMAN!!! A big thanks to our crew and family for working so hard. And again thanks to our Sponsors and for coming out to the track and having Fun with us. What a fabulous group of drivers and teams we have in the RMFCA. The Sekura team is so fortunate to be apart of this group. Now the big party Oct 8. Then down to The Hot Rod Reunion!!

Drayton Valley Winners circle photos

One of the best photos a team can have. In the winners circle with guess who....

Not only the Sunday ACE Manufacturing trophy but the Trail Tire/ Mickey Thompson overall points title and the sdet of Mickey's


September 5, 2011

Drayton Valley's Thunder in the Valley

The Sekura's home playground and a great place for Corey Sekura to get the Weekend Trail Tire Mickey Thompson trophy as the weekend Champion. Ron won the Good Vibrations "best RT of the weekend" as he had a great .020 light.

Corey won on Sunday with a 7.55 in the final against Cory Kincaid. He qualified #1 with a dead on 7.50 in the second run in Sunday's qualifier.

August 30, 2011

The second car (Chevy II) is ready to go as the team worked their butts off to get it back together.

After Drayton this weekend, then the season points finale goes at Castrol the following weekend and then in October the team heads South to Bakersfield and Phoenix



August 18, 2011

Andrew/Lockton photos

The Provost Airstrip exhibition and Hot August Nights at Castrol Raceway.

Provost Alberta...This is one of the many Airstrip events in Western Canada. A huge crowd was a the event in provost and the Rocky Mountain Funny Cars were one of the feature classes to put on a smokey show. Seven cars from the Rocky group were at Provost including the newest member, Roddy Macmillan.

Ron did the best job of smoking the hides and he said down a couple awesome ones. No real quick runs were recorded and the traction was at a premium, but it was still a great show for the fans.


Sheryl Ogonoski Photos

Hot August Nights at Castrol Raceway was a huge event. Close to 10,000 fans turnout out despite the threat of bad weather (they were lucky there was no moisture).

Showing up from the RMNFCA was Joey Steckler, Cal Tebb, Norm Kolwich, Arvid Fonstad, Cory Kincaid, and Corey Sekura.

It was a two run race so the teams paired off and the bragging rights go to the car or team that makes their two runs closest to our 6.99 index.

This year the team the closest to the number was the Joey Steckler team, they ran a 7.00 and a 7.01, next was Cal Tebb running a 7.13 and 7.01. The rest of the teams put on a great show with everyone making passes in the low 7 second range.



July 28, 2011

The success at the Mission Open in 2010 did not play out in 2011.

With back to back final rounds at Edmonton the last two years the hope was the same thing would happen at Mission as well. Unfortunately it did not go all as planned. In fact it was a real tough weekend at Mission, but it did have a silver lining in the end. The fun factor still went as usual, as the nine teams in attendance had a great time as the top notch facility, we got to socialize with 30 other funny cars teams, who often can you say that? The weekend got underway Friday afternoon and that is when the bad events started. Ron in his first testing lap down the track hurt the bullet in the Chevy II at half track. It sounded like it banged the blower from the starting line, and upon inspection, that was only the final results.

The Chevy bullet had kicked the rods out ending the weekend way too early for car #1. Corey was beside Ron on the run and he laid down an awesome and career best 6.68/205. Corey made another lap and ran in the 6.80's getting close to the 6.90 number that the Rocky group was running for the weekend. Then right at the end of the day, Corey made one more lap and ..... ouch, the top end of Corey's bullet suffered damage as well. Was the weekend done for both cars? Well after assessing the two cars and what was wounded in both, the teams decided to see if they could salvage one good motor out of the two cars. After thrashing Friday night and most of Saturday (the qualifying sessions were not until Saturday evening), They got Corey's Camaro back together. The big question was would it hold together.

Corey was up against Brent Murray in the Damn Yankee car and after the usual long 600 foot burnout, everything sounded good. Would the repairs hold up under load though is the big question? How about a great 6.893/196! Wow, what an awesome run? Unfortunately, it was .007 too quick for the 2.90 number and Corey was outside the field. One more run at 10:00pm. Cooler conditions and the car would likely run even quicker, so they did nave to soften it up a bit more. The team made a few adjustments, and Corey was up against Ron Huegli in the Tiki-Man. The burnouts by the two cars were legend. Both did 1300 footers, and both drivers said they were the longest.... it was too close to tell... Okay Corey was the longest!

On the run Tiki-Man got loose and had to lift, while Corey was on a string for the second run in a row. They detuned the car a bit...but not enough it slowed down by .004, to a 6.897, ouch! Too fast again! Corey was #9 qualifier. All that hard work to miss the field and the #1 spot by 3/1000ths of a second! The team motto is, "Go big and/or go Home".

Some good Karma for the team happened Sunday morning, as Rookie "Wild" Al Weich, found a bit of valve train damage and decided to skip round one so Corey go a reprieve, and was in the field for round one. He would race Eddy Plaizier in that round.

It was the best drag race of the round, as Corey detuned the car and ran a very good 6.97, unfortunately for Corey Eddy went 6.91, ending the weekend in round one.

Overall there were disappointments for sure, but the hard work that the team put in (and thanks to Shane from Cal's team, for his help), to get the one car back together, and the show Corey put on in the three runs in competition were outstanding. The teams head back to make all the repairs and get ready for the final push the end of August and the "Thunder in the Valley" at Drayton Valley.

For more photos from Mission as well as the Edmonton Rocky's, Khal's Steakhouse Party and Medicine Hat, click here.

July 30, 2011


The Rocky Mountain season ending party is October 8th at the River Cree Resort and Casino in Edmonton. This will be a blast! Make sure you get your tickets early. The prizes awarded are huge, and include trips, memorabilia, exclusive orints (one 20x30 of the Huge Funny Car parade at Mission Raceway, and much much more. Contact one of the Rocky team members for your tickets.

For the entire Rocky Mountain story go here.


July 21, 2011

Mission's National Open this weekend.

This one is one of the biggest events of the year, and we are proud to be part of the biggest funny car show ever in Canada. 32 Funny Cars! Close to a dozen of three different Funny Car groups including ours, the best one, the Rocky Mountain boyz, lol. Norm Kolwich is a newbie this weekend as he debuts his 53 Corvette. Norm is a crew member for Cal, but now he will compete aginst him and all of us. Corey and Ron can't wait to line up along side Norm. Good luck buddy. We're racing for a Wally!

July 15, 2011

Unfortunately the short notice race at Fort St. John turned into a rain fest (no surprise as the North Central part of BC has been hard hit by bad weather. They made it as far ar Dawson Creek when the rain out was calle.d Hank and Gorgia and their 41 Willys also made the trek North to no avail.

That being said the two Sekura cars are ready for the Mission event, one of the biggest in the year. The team is loaded for bear, as Morris, Tom and the crew worked their tails off to have both cars ready to rip up the 1/4 mile. Plus don't forget the party atmosphere the Sekura team and the Rockie group bring to the race track.

We will have a bunch more photos from Edmonton and a few earlier events posted this weekend. And possible a whole new slide show.


July 7, 2011

The Sekura's are heading to Fort St. John this coming weekend (July 8 and 9th) for their big weekend. Members were at the Rocky's and really like our show and they were short of feature cars, so a last minute invite was extended to us. We can't wait to get there!

July 5, 2011

At the Rocky's, as stated earlier, Ron is in the final round against Eddy Plaizier. Ron defeated #2 qualifier Joey Steckler in round one and then took out Sherri Bodnarchuk in the semi finals. He and the team love racing at this event. Ron was very sharp on the tree as he holeshotted both Joey and Sherri to reach the final, and a chance for Ron's second Ironman.

We will have some more photos from the Rocky's posted soon as well as a couple more team profiles from Crystal and Cherry, the newest team members.

June 28, 2011

The Rocky's!!!!

(A short recap and photos) More to come over the next week.

The biggest drag race in Alberta and maybe even in the NW was up this past weekend. We had a great time and the race, even though it is a couple days old, is not over. The final has yet to be completed due to weather issues on Sunday.

The two finalists did not want to run 1/8 mile when the race director shortened the race due to water weeping up. Oh ya, one of the finalists is... Ron in the new Chevy II.

He qualified #7 but ran through the field with solid RTs and running close to the 6.99 number. His opponent in the final is Eddy Plaizier. Both finalists are in brand new cars.

Qualifying field.

1 659 PNOSA Cal Tebb, Edmonton AB, '69 GTO 6.993 0.003 199.67
2 658 PNOSA Joey Steckler, Edmonton AB, '69 Corvette 6.993 0.003 198.61
3 657 PNOSA David Brant, Fort McMurray AB, '78 Firebird 7.054 0.064 193.07
4 6247 PNOSA Eddy Plaizier, Edmonton AB, '37 Chevy 7.088 0.098 191.54
5 6660 PNOSA Darrel Webb, Edmonton AB, '82 Corvette 7.113 0.123 193.38
6 6009 PNOSA Sherrie Bodnarchuk, Grandora SK, '70 Super 7.176 0.186 192.19
7 6569 PNOSA Ron Sekura, Drayton Valley AB, '66 Nova 7.215 0.225 158.97
8 6000 PNOSA Arvid Fonstad, Entwistle AB, '71 Mustang 7.232 0.242 175.09

------------ Not Qualified ------------

9 6837 PNOSA Brent Harris, Stony Creek AB, '33 Willys 7.258 0.268 180.69
10 55 PNOSA Cory Kincaid, Red Deer AB, '55 Bel Air 7.478 0.488 189.95
11 628 PNOSA Hank Weulties, Calgary AB, '41 Willys 7.790 0.800 175.00
12 747 PNOSA Allan Weich, Calgary AB, '72 Charger 7.794 0.804 175.71

More photos are here.

The Ron and Corey and the whole Sekura team are proud to have TCS Rentals, Akita Drilling and Phase 3 Electric on board as 2011 sponsors.

June 20, 2011

A couple more Boise Pictures

The team had some fun with the mascot.

Tom has taken on crew chief duties.

June 18, 2011

Medicine Hat this weekend was unfortunately rained out Saturday. Ron got in one run on Friday and went 7.11 in the Chevy II on a slick track. Hopefully they will bring us back later in the year to finish the race.

June 15, 2011

The first official race of the year this past weekend at Castrol Raceway. That darn Cal won both days Ron had an okay weekend but ran too fast most of the time in the new Chevy II but did run a 7.2 on his last pass Sunday. He leaves in 4th place in the standings and Corey is 6th. Corey actually qualified with a 7.03 (#3) on Sunday in the Camaro, but did not make the final either day. They had a few of their sponsors out including Nelson Bros. PSI, HVO and TCS rentals and they all had a great time.

Nancy and Tiffany have both found their retro groove as official back up girls; very cool. I am waiting for photos!

This coming weekend they will take only one car (the Chevy II) to Medicine Hat for the second of three weekends in a row. The Camaro's 6 second bullet suffered engine damage and will be repaired for the Rocky's. Qualifying is Friday with racing on Saturday. Then on Monday it is the Sekura Racing party at Kal's Steak House in Drayton Valley at 5PM. There will be lots of prizes and and live auction. Come on out to Kal's on Monday!!


June 3, 2011

Got an email from Ron After the track rental.

Here is what he had to say.

Hi Dean the day went Great !!! We had about 25 cars at the track. Everyone had a Fabulous time !!
Lots of Racers had 6-8 runs or more. A Big Thank you to all are sponsors. Stetsons, Nelson Bros. HVO.
PSI. H&R Block Spruce Grove, ( some of the ones that play at the track with us Wednesday )
We like to welcome Mike and our new sponsor TCS Rentals from Ponoka.

The New Chevy II Body looked Tough and worked Well. On her inaugeral run she went 6.88 at 199 and handled great. The next three runs were 6.95 - 6.90 - and 7.03

The Camero we tried a different tune up and she went 7.17 - 7.23 - and 7.14

At the end of the day Corey guided our Sponsor Gary Nelson thru a awesome BURNOUT in the Camero, and Gary handled it great !

The chefs put on a beautiful feast with Bison Steaks and the evening entertainment began !!
Thanks Everyone, See you all back at Castrol June 11 and 12

June 1, 2011

Castrol Raceway debut for the Chevy II.

The Sekura boys and Cal Tebb were at Castrol Raceway the last couple days, as Ron and his companies rented the track and got their new Chevy II on the track. We will have photos from their deal in the next couple days. Both their cars (the Camaro and Chevy II) made four laps each.

May 15, 2011

Corey and Ron had serious cabin fever, so they headed south for the Boise Ignitor race. There was a great crowd and a fun time, even though there was snow on the ground Friday morning. It warmed up and we had a great time running as quick as 6.80's at 205. Here are a few photos thanks to Blair Alderton from Nitro Images.

Here Ron's report.

"We traveled to Boise and we had a great time! Even though it rained all day Thursday,
there was snow Friday Morning, but lots of Racing Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday !! We ran both Cars and after the first qualifying round that the 10 Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars Ran, we could have been in seventh spot.
They all picked it up for second qaulifying, bump was 6.09 !! Are best run was 6.83 at 202 with an altitude of 3800 ft The track was fabulous, the owners, the New family were fantastic, and what a great staff !! It was a great weekend at

March 7, 2011

A look at the Mission Raceway Poster featuring the Sekura Camaro.

February 10, 2011

A couple shots of the new body. Who will drive it.... (likely both)


January 20, 2011

Ron and Corey want to thank everyone for a great season in 2010, and are already stoked about 2011. "We had a fabulous 2010 season. Too much fun! A BIG thank you to our crew for doing such a wonderful job all year! We are already itching to go RACING . The cars are being tweeked and freshened. Our New Chevy II body is on it's way. We are planning testing in April. Kick off party in May. And the Club begins their season in June. We're Looking forward to another exciting season! See you all at the track, soon!"


December 25, 2010

November 25, 2010

Pinks All Out last weekend at Firebird.

I guess Rich likes fast cars too.

This from Ron.......

Pinks was Great ! The Crew had So much fun ! Cal Tebb (our other brother) drove for Corey, as Corey was busy tsking take of the Auction Business. The Crowds and the burnouts were big and loud! The Pinks episode will air Jan. 11.

It is now time to get back to frosty Alberta, for the reality check. Losts of wrenching on the cars to get ready for next year.

Ron and Cory want to give special thanks to their great sponsors (to the right)

And all our new friends in Arizona and all the new fans we met at every event from Edmonton and Calgary all the way to Phoenix and Bakersfield this past season. We can't wait for 2011 already?













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